Salvage - The GDD

So, I thought I would try something different with my actual current design document, or GDD as the industry likes to call it (bleh). My new game is designed, sort of, and I thought I'd perhaps share this document online so people can get an early insight into the type of game I'm making and I myself can be held accountable to something.

So, check the document out here: Salvage GDD

It should be said that some of the concept art I've used is used without permission from the original artists. In my defence, I have contacted them about using their cool piccies but haven't heard anything back from most of them in over two weeks.

Now, just to be clear, this document isn't finished. Also, this wouldn't be something I'd actually write when working as a designer for a big company, as none of the areas designed really drill down into enough detail to give any programmer a proper specification to work from. But it doesn't need to. I can fill in any blanks while I'm working on it. I think the important thing here is that I have something to work from and to work towards. The game feels more real now I have actually made some decisions about how the game will work and what the vague back-story is. 

I also apologise if its full of typos, but I haven't even proof read it. I can't be bothered.

Oh, and the game is currently called "Salvage".