This Is A Call

I am currently on the lookout for an artist to help me with Salvage! I've given some of the details of of Salvage before, but to give a quick (and very reductive) elevator pitch, the game is basically Spelunky meets Hotline Miami meets Paradroid.

You play as an unarmed robot named "Rootkit". The main aim is to navigate randomly generated spaceship interiors, collective salvage and avoiding trouble. Although Rootkit cannot fire, the robot has the ability to hack and take over any other robot sentry and use them as tools to defend yourself. Here is a gif showing you how it works:

As you can see here, the robot sentry is patrolling the ship, minding its own business, before the player character (the small blue tv faced thing) hacks the AI (by ramming it) and takes it over.

Each of the robots will have different strengths and weaknesses. The player must look for opportunities and take advantage of unique abilities to survive. Here is Rootkit hacked into a different robot type, the Silverback, and using its shield to block an attack.

Finally, the player eliminates the threat using Silverback's rocket fist! As you can see, Salvage only contains place-holder art at the moment. It has a top down view and some terrible perspective art done by yours truly. The initial art direction I was thinking was pixel art with a tone similar to Neill Blomkamp's movies. It can be 2d or 3d, but 3d would take more implementation time which would have to be taken into consideration.

So, if any of you actually interested in working with me, then please contact me at here. I will be asking you to submit an art sample. Also, I can only offer either a percentage of the game profits (if there are any) or pay you a small (negotiable) fee, if things goes well, so keep that in mind before getting in touch.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!