One (Art) Direction

Firstly, I am a terrible person for not updating this blog sooner, but we've been working hard here at Ice BEAM to get the new look into our first game, Remote. I've collaborated with Momo and Sprits  to produce artwork for the main character, backgrounds and evil robot bad guys! Here is the original mock-up that Ruud did after some discussions and some initial mood boards were drawn up.

And here is an in game gif after importing the graphics and getting it all working.

The scale had to change, so that movement felt better, but I think it very much captures the original style. I love it!

This is patrol guy, looking around the ship. I really like the depressed expression the robot has, like he is fed up to the back teeth about working this shift.

Here is an action shot of our main character hacking into a bad guy and taking him over, and one more with the poor guy being ejected into outer space.

I think that Momo and Sprits have done an exceptional job here in giving a fresh look and feel to the game while still retaining all the core gameplay values the original prototype had. Visually, the gameplay rules are easy to parse because of the clean vector graphics and now the game has a ton of charm my original art style never had. I think you'll agree it looks the bees knees!